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So, this is probably TMI, I know, but I tear up (just a little) every time I see this commercial…

An introduction to the Gilbreth family - the only person missing is my beautiful wife.  But she is the remarkable talent behind this…Enjoy!

Wynkoop Brewing Company’s April Fool’s Day Prank (This is funny…)

The Making of Act of Valor

I know this has nothing to do with beer or starting a business - but I just watched the making of Act of Valor and I cannot wait to see this movie!  As a former U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, I had the incredible opportunity to work (and play) with some Navy SEALs, and I’m very proud of the work they do - it’s not easy.


Operating America’s Largest Brewery

America’s largest brewery isn’t what you think it is. Budweiser? MillerCoors? Nope and nope (both companies are foreign-owned). The largest brewery in this country can be found on Mill Creek Avenue in Pottsville, Pa., a 14,000-person town located about two hours northwest of Philadelphia. 

Golden Road Brewing on Last Call with Carson Daly

Craft Brewers: Building Communities Through Economies of Authenticity

Scott Metzger, founder and CEO of Freetail Brewing Co. in San Antonio, TX, also happens to be an economics professor. Combining his two professions, he shares how craft breweries can build better businesses and better communities in his recent talk: Crafting Better Businesses - Insights from the Beer Industry.


We have begun the process of forming an LLC and registering with the Arkansas Secretary of State.  We are excited to announce that we have selected The Asa Hutchinson Law Group as our Corporate Counsel; they are assisting us with the process.

Many people from Arkansas, and some from outside of the state, are familiar with the name Asa Hutchinson.  Asa is a former U.S. Attorney, former Member of Congress, former Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the first Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Erin and I went to high school at Fort Smith Northside with Asa’s son, W. Asa Hutchinson III (or to me and Erin, just “Asa”).  Asa III served as a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., as an Associate Independent Counsel, and worked as an Associate Solicitor in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and as an attorney in the Office of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Asa III handles trademark registration and litigation, commercial litigation and corporate law matters.

More posts to follow once the process is complete and we are an “official” LLC!

The Beginning

In 2010, while attending graduate school at the University of Arkansas (the You of A!) Walton College of Business, co-founder Chris Gilbreth (that’s me), began to dream of opening a brewery in my hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas.  (There is more to the story behind dreaming of opening a brewery - more on that later.)  

Arkansas, at this time, has only one packaging brewery - Diamond Bear.  The other breweries in Arkansas are brewpubs - that is, they brew and sell their beer in their restaurant - they do not distribute (if they do, it is very limited).   

Within a few weeks, I called up one of my best friends in the world (and someone I’ve known since 7th grade at Trinity Junior High), Erin Bercher, and asked if he’d be interested in opening a brewery.  I have to admit - I expected him to respond with something along the lines of, “What are you nuts?!?!  What makes you think we’re qualified?”  After all, neither of us know much about brewing beer or running a brewery.  But, instead, Erin responded, “Hell, yeah!”  Ever since then, we can’t stop talking about it.

So, here we are - it is now 2011 - Chris has graduated from his graduate program, the Managerial MBA program, at the You of A.  Erin is still Erin.  And we’re trying to make this thing work.

Come back often - we hope that you’re entertained and along the way you may learn a thing or two about starting a business (I know that we will).


Chris Gilbreth

P.S. You may have noticed a little “Donate” button at the top of this page.  If you’d like to contribute to our cause - a small start-up looking to bring craft beer, fun, pride, and good jobs to the River Valley Region of Arkansas - then please click.  No donation is too small and your support and generosity is appreciated much more than we could ever express.

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